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Ministry of industry and Information Technology Wen Ku: exploring 5g integration, seeking the way of industry transformation and development

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On July 30, the first issue of 5g zhihuitang was officially broadcast on the public good live broadcasting column created by China Academy of communications and communications and 5g in line with the people's network. The speech by the director general of the Ministry of communications and chemical industry was in line with the development of the industry.

China's digital economy is developing vigorously

in recent years, the global digital economy has been developing vigorously, and the group leading behavior of digital economy to GDP has become increasingly prominent. In 2018, the total digital economy of 47 countries exceeded $30.2 trillion, accounting for 40.3% of GDP. At the same time, the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry has become the key to the strategic layout of various countries. Many countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the European Union, Japan and other countries and regions have increased their support. Through the introduction of strategic planning, the establishment of industrial alliances and the implementation of industrial projects, the digital transformation of industries has been vigorously promoted.

In this context, China is facing multiple challenges, such as the return of high-end industries from developed countries and the relocation of low-end industries to the third world. It is more urgent to speed up the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation of various industries, and enhance the global competitiveness of various products in China.

In 2019, the added value of China's digital economy will reach 35.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 36.2% of GDP. According to the calculation of comparable caliber, the nominal growth rate of China's digital economy in 2019 will be 15.6%, which is about 7.85 percentage points higher than the nominal growth rate of GDP in the same period.

In 2019, the added value of digital industrialization will reach 7.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 7.2% of GDP; the added value of industrial digitization will reach 28.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 29.0% of GDP. It can be seen that the digital economy plays a crucial role in the growth of China's GDP.

Why is 5g the main engine of digital economy?

Compared with 4G,

5g has higher speed, shorter delay and wider coverage. The peak rate of 5g is ten times higher than that of 4G, the transmission delay is only millisecond, and the connection capacity is million. The main breakthrough of 5g is to expand the communication between people to the communication between people and things, between things, and open the era of Internet of all things.

The technical characteristics and scenarios of

5g make it the main engine of digital economic development. According to the calculation of China Research Institute of Journalism and communication, 5g will boost China's digital economy by 15.2 trillion yuan in 2020-2025; among them, the added value of 5g driven news industry is one-sided, with an expected increase of 3.3 trillion yuan; 5g technology has one-sided contribution to other industries, with an expected growth of 11.9 trillion yuan. From this set of data, it can be seen that 5g is in line with industry and finance, and will become the main battlefield for the development of digital economy in the future.

What is the impact of

5g on the digital transformation?

We can regard 5g itself as the \

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